Who We Serve

Primarily, we service small to medium sized trucking firms.  However, we’re not limited to just the trucking industry nor just the small to medium sized companies.  Below you’ll see the different industries we specialize in.

If you find yourself in need of an increased cash flow for operational costs or growth opportunities, SevenOaks offers accounts receivable financing meant to accelerate your business and relieve the pressure of waiting for accounts receivables to arrive.

Trucking Industry

Trucking Companies

By accelerating the collection of accounts receivable, SevenOaks provides truckers with immediate cash to meet daily expenses associated with growing businesses

Staffing Agencies

We offer immediate payroll funding to support your business operations and growth.

Staffing Assistance
Freight Broker

Freight Brokers

We support your operations by providing the cash flow needed to get your carriers paid promptly, allowing you to focus on getting your loads moved.

Service Companies

We assist service companies with the cash needed to handle immediate expenses as their business grows.


Manufacturing Companies

We can help increase your cash flow to allow your business to fulfill purchase orders quickly and deliver your products on time to your customers.