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In today’s business environment, a company must possess both a consistent flow of cash and an adequate supply of built-in reserves to achieve consistent growth.  These traits, however, are not always feasible for many companies.  A common problem experienced by many companies is that accounts payable grow more quickly than accounts receivable.  This situation causes stagnant growth or in some cases business closure.  Invoice factoring can often be the solution.

Factoring Services

Factoring provides a steady flow of cash to your company which can be used to meet payroll, cover daily expenses, or help you through normal cash shortfalls that result in periods of rapid growth.

4 Steps of Invoice Factoring

Create invoice

Send your invoice to SevenOaks Capital

SevenOaks Capital sends your advance

Your client pays SevenOaks Capital

Freight Factoring

Our carrier clients are primarily small to medium sized trucking firms whose cash flow is inadequate to meet current operating needs.  Truckers must pay fuel, payroll and other expenses on a daily or weekly basis while waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for customers to pay invoices.

Our broker clients utilize our services to vet potential shippers and get their carriers paid on time.

Given that operating costs are continuously increasing, many truckers find themselves without enough cash to fund growth opportunities.

This problem can be easily solved utilizing SevenOaks Capital, LLC factoring services.  By accelerating the collection of accounts receivable, we provide truckers with immediate cash to meet daily expenses associated with growing businesses. 

Our clients use our factor service to increase revenue and profitability!

Fuel Card

We partner with TCS to provide access to a fuel card that allows you to control when, where and how each one of your company cards is used!

Referral Program

Earn additional money each month by referring clients to SevenOaks!

For any business you refer to SevenOaks, that we consequently enter into a factoring client relationship with, you will earn a monthly commission on any factoring fees we earn on that client for as long as that client factors with us!

If you know of anyone who’s business will benefit from our factoring services, please email their company name and contact information to sales@sevenoakscapital.com.

If you tell someone about SevenOaks and you think they may contact us directly for factoring, make sure to tell them to mention your name.

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Referral Program

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