Factoring Services
Factoring Services

The Factoring Advantage

Always have the cash flow needed for any and all staffing needs with our factoring options.

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Factoring Services

Make Factoring Work for You

Keep your operating costs in check and your business moving smoothly by always having the cash flow you need.

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Factoring Services

Are You New to Factoring?

Accounts receivable financing can increase your cash flow immediately. Once approved, we finance invoices on the day we receive them.

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  • Factoring Services

    Transportation Finance

    Cover operating costs and expansion opportunities with factoring.
  • Factoring Services

    Oil Field Servicing Finance

    Take the pain out of funding operating costs with our finance options.
  • Factoring Services

    Staffing Finance

    Ease the pressure of payroll funding with our invoice financing options.

Factoring Services
Your Business Advantage

In today’s business environment, a company must possess both a consistent flow of cash and an adequate supply of built-in reserves to achieve consistent growth. These traits, however, are not always feasible for many companies. A common problem experienced by many companies is that accounts payable grow more quickly than accounts receivable. This situation causes stagnant growth or in some cases business closure.

Factoring provides a steady flow of cash to your company which can be used to meet payroll, cover daily expenses, or help you through normal cash shortfalls that result in periods of rapid growth.

As a customer of SevenOaks our services include:

  • Immediate Funding on Valid Invoices
  • Credit Information on Your Prospective and Existing Customers
  • Professional Assistance with Collections
  • Easy Access to Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Processing and Mailing of Invoices

New to Factoring? Here’s a Quick Explanation: 

Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable. Once a valid invoice is generated by your company, SevenOaks Capital Associates will provide you with an initial advance of 90% or more of the invoice amount. After SevenOaks collects the invoice, the remaining balance less applicable fees will be refunded to you.

Most completed applications can be fully processed in one day. Once your company is approved, funding can begin IMMEDIATELY. Every effort is made to fund all invoices the same day we receive them. SevenOaks Capital Associates factoring provides you with the cash you need to grow and increase profitability.

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SevenOaks now has several ways you can submit your freight bills.  You have the power to choose what works best for your company.   -When you can bill with an email, Pegasus/Transflo allows for Truckstop and smartphone scanning at only $2.00 per freight bill.  You keep the originals for your own records.   -When originals […]

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